J. Michaels

  • October 5, 2016

We sought out Rick Swanson to do a major remodel of our home because he had done two remodels of our house for the previous owners and we thought those remodels were magnificent seamless architecture, design, and construction. With our remodel almost complete, we could not recommend Rick any higher. He is a superb architect, with the creative gift of design. And as an added bonus, he is one of the finest, most honest, and nicest individuals you will ever meet. You will instantly trust him — with your home, your family, and your dreams. If you want one of the best, most respected, architects in the business, someone who will design and architect your dream home within the budget you provide and the schedule you set, as well as someone you will genuinely enjoy designing, building or remodeling your home with, you should hire Rick Swanson. From the moment that Rick first came to our house to discuss our remodeling project, Rick was not only a friend but a member of our family. He was as personally devoted to, and invested in, our new home as if it had been his own. He made our building project one of the best experiences of our lives. I never thought I would say this after a major renovation but working with Rick was so enjoyable that we would look forward to another project — if Rick would do it for us!

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